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A new magazine for young men

What is man’s place in the modern world? Is masculinity in crisis? Are we just lost little boys?W

The idea of what it is to be man has never been more blurred. Boxers preach feminism, painters sport tracksuits, and for millions of men a love of art, music, politics or philosophy mixes just fine with 10 pints of Amstel and the football come Saturday afternoon.

Yet men are still pigeonholed in the media. Chavs or gentlemen. Artists or sportsmen. Lovers or fighters. We’re told what to aspire to, who we should fancy and how Real Men behave. Fuck that.

SHINER is a new magazine dedicated to young men and how modern masculinity is playing out in the culture of our time. Considered yet unpretentious, raw yet intelligent; SHINER will cover everything from music and subcultures to politics and dating, to finally spotlight the stories that young men are already sharing in pubs and group chats across the country.

The idea of what it is to be man has never been more blurred.

New voices

SHINER is looking to help showcase and break the next generation of talent; the exciting new writers, designers and photographers who are currently creating on blogs, university courses and the backs of fag packets from Glasgow to Brighton.

We want you to help us shine a light on young men’s culture. So whether you’re a first timer or already making waves, if you’ve some talent, then we want to hear from you.